Friday, February 1, 2013

Campus Diaries

Campus Diaries – India’s fastest growing social publishing and storytelling project.
The program is unique and intensive, comprising skills, roles and responsibilities related to content direction, journalism, creative arts, community management, editorial arts and idea management.
The internship involves the following responsibilities:
1) As a content director and producer: taking responsibility for production and publishing of quality content on Campus Diaries’ online platform
2) As a writer/artist/community member: publishing high quality and relevant stories and articles
3) As a part of the team: collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team in shaping the content culture at one of the biggest social publishing and storytelling project in the country
4) As an idea manager and curator of expression: use their knowledge base to enable the sharing and growth of ideas.
We hope that this internship contributes to the skill set of students and adds value to their development. They would be working in a cross-functional team comprising people studying and experienced in journalism, creative arts, publishing, technology, media, social sciences and community management. It is also an opportunity for them to work in an industry level and professional initiative, and add sufficient value and impact to the entire project.
The internship is a paid program, with the pay depending on the number of stories produced. Note that Campus Diaries will not assume any copyright over the content. So there is no compensation involved regarding the ownership of any content.
The internship period would last from anywhere between 4-12 weeks, depending on factors like the academic calendar of the students, the composition of the rest of the team, performance and the role and interests of the applicant. 

This internship is open to the students in the following departments(as applicable to you):
Sociology, English, Economics, Journalism/Media, Political Science, Psychology

Students interested in the same should mail their Rsume by 10 working days
Sumit Saurav : +91 9972452767 |
Samata Joshi : +91 9819370761 |

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