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AORs (Areas of Responsibility)

AOR Descriptions
Internal Communication

Assist in running Communication programs according to the plan. Measure effectiveness and make changes if required
Assist developing and implementing strategies for communication programs in order to maintain and enhance company image, employer brand and best in class employer status

Implements systems and research plan to identify communication needs of various employee segments in order to aid planning and implementation of internal communication                      
Employee engagement

Meet various employee groups and influence them to communicate effectively
Engage with employee groups to understand context in order to deliver messages effectively and enhancevalue of communications
Executive relationship

Develop working knowledge of needs of executive council to assess opportunities for enhancing communication 
Communication calendar

Assist in developing & maintaining calendars of all messages in order to ensure consistent, relevant and timely delivery of internal communication material and to avoid message conflicts
Internal media

Utilize internal communication media like intranet, newsletter, blogs, chats, town halls, web casts, films in order to implement communication plan.
Operations and execution

Operational execution of all communication as needed. Leverage technology and outsourcing in order to increase reach and enhance effectiveness
Change Management

Participate in change management communication in order to inform, enable and engage the organization during the change.
Employer Branding

Assist Head HR to brand the company in the eyes of the employees, external media, prospective recruits in order to increase company brand

   Job Description for the
 Internal Communications Team

Typical Education & Experience required

Graduate in Arts or B.Com, BBA, M.Com 
OR Post graduate in media & communication 
or marketing 0-2 years of experience in industry
 in area of media, communication & marketing
Business Understanding

Understanding of best-in-class communication

Knowledge of communication strategy and tools; good marketing knowledge; good interpersonal skills; expertise in Internet for communication.
Specific Skills required

Ability to innovate and create outstanding communication material, to think outside the box

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Last date: April 3, 2014

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