Thursday, July 24, 2014



Well paying internship/job for St. Xaviers students
  1. What is a must-do for YOU? You must join your St. Xaviers friends in doing a well-paid internship/job at AxiomRC. Hurry up as we have limited spots. 
  2. Who are we? AxiomRC, is a premier recruitment consultancy backed by graduates from Harvard, University of Chicago, Wharton and LBS. We are the best analytics recruitment firm in India. We hire from top colleges such as St. Xaviers Kolkata and LSR only.
  3. Why should YOU do an internship or a job with AxiomRC?
    1. Get a great salary: Total fixed salary will be 2+ lakhs* for internships and 4+ lakhs* for jobs. Performance linked bonus will be additional. Remember that your future salary depends on your current one. The only thing worse than a poor internship salary is none at all. With a good pay, you can enjoy life better.
    2. Build an awesome resume: Don’t waste your talent on secretarial or BPO work. We will give you work nobody else will. We will give you real responsibilities and real targets. We will treat your opinion with respect. You may even work directly with clients and manage your own team.
    3. Become skilled & polished: Master work skills & professional tools. Be respected for what you know. Stop being the clue-less fresher.
    4. Work with world class managers: Work for world-class managers educated at Harvard & University of Chicago with international experience across America, Europe & Asia. Get managers who will always inspire and encourage you.
  4. What will YOU do at AxiomRC? You will work as a responsible recruitment professional in a technologically sophisticated recruitment consultancy. Among other things, you will
    1. Understand client’s needs
    2. Find good candidates
    3. Convince candidates to apply
    4. Evaluate candidate competence
    5. Help candidates succeed in interview
    6. Coordinate with clients & candidates
    7. Eagerly learn & carry out instructions
  5. What work environment will YOU enjoy at AxiomRC?
    1. Work from the comfort of your home
    2. Work schedule is very flexible (only for interns)
    3. Work closely with AxiomRC team, clients & candidates
  6. What are the eligibility requirements to apply?
    1. Exceptional ability to work hard
    2. Extreme punctuality
    3. Extreme intelligence
    4. Sufficient free time between 9AM-5PM Mon-Sat to work
      1. Internships: 25+ hours a week
      2. Jobs: 40+ hours a week
    5. Students with specific graduation years of 2014, 2016 and 2017
    6. There is no restriction based on academic performance or stream or academic program
  7. How do YOU get selected? We select only the best. We do at least 8 rounds of increasingly difficult assignments & interviews. If you make it, you become member of an elite team.
  8. How would YOU apply? Apply at
* For 1920 hours of work

Last date: July 31, 2014

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